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Commercial Maritime Satellite Services

BlueTide Communications specializes in reliable maritime satellite services that are available in the harshest conditions and most remote locations. With both standard and custom communication solutions, BlueTide enhances commercial productivity, both on and offshore. From voice and email for crew boats, to broadband VSAT systems that maintain corporate applications and live video for remote sites with 100’s of personnel, BlueTide creates reliable and efficient maritime satellite systems to support our customer's primary business objectives.

BlueTide’s innovative, custom solutions are created in collaboration with our customers. As a result, BlueTide delivers powerful maritime satellite solutions for core communications needs, ensuring the most efficient network management for maximum return on investment.

What can BlueTide customers count on?

  • Reliable, commercial VSAT data, voice and VPN
  • Live video, vessel mapping and content filtering solutions
  • Real-time bandwidth, application and services monitoring
  • Temporary plan upgrades and suspensions with only 48 hour notice
  • Out-of-band management and automatic communications “failover”
  • Managed cybersecurity and firewall solution
  • 24/7 manned technical support in BlueTide’s global network monitoring center


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