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Solar Mobile VSAT

BlueTide RESIS

RESIS, short for Renewable Energy Satellite Internet Skid, delivers solar powered mobile VSAT for remote and emergency communications needs. This powerful new solar VSAT unit is ideal for isolated land locations or disaster recovery efforts.

Portable and compact, RESIS fits in the bed of a standard pick-up truck for convenient transport and, with a nine-day battery capacity replenished through a state-of-the-art solar charging panel, it is a reliable source for data and voice requirements.



  • remote oil and gas and business operations
  • emergency/disaster relief efforts 
  • private islands
  • remote hunting/recreation leases


  • Flexible service plans for maximum efficiency
  • Compatible with multiple networks upon request
  • High-throughput satellite router
  • Fully-managed wifi through BlueTide’s VAN solution
  • Remote power monitoring with email/text alerts
  • Compatible with generator power upon request
  • Fits into standard truck bed for easy mobility
  • Solar panel with two 100 watt batteries for 9 days of power supply
  • Scalable configurations based on the area’s active solar hours


  • 1.2 meter fixed VSAT antenna
  • one (1) 305-watt, 24 volt solar panel
  • six (6) batteries
  • control panel with modem
  • router and wireless access point (WAP)

This solar powered mobile VSAT configuration is capable of sustaining power seamlessly up to 9 days without active solar hours. Additionally, the skid’s wireless network is fully-managed through BlueTide’s VAN solution with bandwidth and user control options to prioritize critical applications. 

 Call BlueTide at 337.205.6710 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to customize RESIS for your power and communications needs and to discuss emergency stand-by packages.