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BlueTide Communications’ Steve Burke Speaks at 2016 International WorkBoat Show


(New Orleans, La) – BlueTide Communications Regional Manager, Steve Burke, discussed cybersecurity during a seminar at the 2016 International WorkBoat Show. The annual maritime conference, which attracts a variety of industry leaders in offshore and commercial marine services, was held Wednesday, Nov. 30 – Friday, Dec. 2, 2016 in New Orleans, La.

The maritime industry has seen a significant impact from cyber attacks, with some breaches capable of shutting down offshore operations and stealing confidential data. During his presentation, Burke discussed the impacts of cyber threats and emphasized the need for cybersecurity implementation in every ship’s routine security procedures.

As vessel’s reliance on connectivity and automation grows, the variety and depth of cybercrime currently affecting the maritime industry has created a need for comprehensive cyber protection initiatives. With the growing number of personal devices and access points as potential targets for hackers, these services are gaining momentum offshore, which include data protection and threat assessment.

“It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” said Burke. “There are very real threats out there.”

Through a layered, systemic approach, Burke believes offshore vessels should analyze any weak points in their system and implement protective measures to safeguard operations from potential threats.

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About BlueTide Communications

Based in Southern Louisiana and Florida, BlueTide Communications provides industry-leading expertise for commercial VSAT services and systems worldwide. BlueTide advises clients on key VSAT cyber issues, to include identifying cyber threats unique to the maritime industry, targeting network security gaps, establishing secure cyber protocols and solutions, creating a culture of cyber awareness and assisting customers in maintaining secure vessel communication strategies. For more information, contact BlueTide Communications.