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“OneWeb” Satellite Network and Cybersecurity Updates Featured at BlueTide Communications' 2016 Executive Advisory Council

(New Orleans, La) – Maritime communications service provider BlueTide Communications recently held the company’s 3rd annual Executive Advisory Council (EAC) before the Workboat Conference in New Orleans, La. on Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016.

Each year, BlueTide Communications invites senior executives from their client base to participate in the event. During the EAC, industry leaders present on topics important to BlueTide customers and allow attendees to provide feedback based on their particular needs and challenges.

This year, Royce Hernandez, an executive at Hughes Network Systems, introduced OneWeb, an intricate network of 648 satellites that will provide a global coverage area for Ku-band communications.

A production plant will be specially built to produce these satellites at a rate of 15 per week over the course of three years. Once fully operational, this large satellite network will provide seamless connectivity for maritime satellite users and allow for increased communication efficiencies and safety onboard ships.

Considering system breaches are capable of crippling any offshore operation, cybersecurity was a central focus of the day’s events. Many of the company executives present have identified cyber threat as a serious issue facing their business and the industry as a whole.

Devin King, a Task Force Officer with the FBI Cyber Task Force discussed Operation Watersnake, a cyber-security evaluation of wireless networks visible from the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Through his research, King exposed the inherent risk associated with connecting an operation’s infrastructure to wireless networks, including the threat of jamming and denial of service (DOS) attacks.

Additional keynote speakers included Verticalive’s Dean Shoultz, who spoke on harnessing the data onboard ships to increase working efficiency, and FBI Special Agent Maggie Murphy and DHS Protective Security Advisory Phil Constantin, who discussed cybercrime and provided resources to combat and report malicious attacks.

“The EAC not only shows attendees where the industry is headed in terms of new technology and service capabilities, but it also gives us the relevant feedback we need to better serve our clients over the coming year,” says BlueTide Communications CEO Emil Regard.

About BlueTide Communications

Based in Southern Louisiana and Florida, BlueTide Communications provides industry-leading expertise for commercial VSAT services and systems worldwide since 2009. BlueTide advises clients on key VSAT cyber issues, to include identifying cyber threats unique to the maritime industry, targeting network security gaps, establishing secure cyber protocols and solutions, creating a culture of cyber awareness and assisting customers in maintaining VSAT strategies. For more information, contact BlueTide Communications.