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AMP Bandwidth Management

BlueTide AMP wifi monitoring

With the ability to block and reauthorize devices remotely, BlueTide’s bandwidth management and network traffic monitoring solutions puts you in control to instantly maximize real-time throughput.

Monitor, measure and control your wireless network with BlueTide’s Access Management Portal (AMP®) iOS app. AMP gives customers—on or off site—visibility into wifi usage through a convenient, user-friendly mobile interface.


This app provides powerful bandwidth management tools for amplifying the efficiency of available bandwidth.

  • Monitor and manage bandwidth by WAP, user device or time of day
  • See who's on, where and how much data each device is using
  • Instantly block and authorize devices


AMP is utilized by operations managers, captains and IT professional alike—with no special training needed—to save time and money while increasing operational efficiency. AMP delivers increased control of how bandwidth is used and reduces the cost of bandwidth by ensuring the right amount is assigned at the right time. We provide powerful network traffic monitoring solutions that are available 24/7, no matter where you are.

  • Bandwidth management controls set custom permission levels for each class of user
  • Customize maximum throughput, download limits and access times
  • Implement time-outs to prevent idle data usage

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