Marine Electronics Capabilities

BlueTide Communications is committed to providing the best marine electronics capabilities to improve your ship’s efficiency and safety. With our unique combination of IT and OT, we can fully integrate your information and operational technologies to deliver significant efficiencies, performance increases, and savings for our clients.

Connecting ot to it

By combining IT and OT services with BlueTide Communications, you can benefit from a streamlined approach to managing your technology, leading to a more efficient and effective operation. This allows for better integration and communication between systems, which leads to increased efficiencies and reduced costs. This approach also provides a more comprehensive and unified solution, with a single point of contact for support and maintenance, resulting in less downtime and better overall performance.

We Understand

Improved efficiency & Reduced Costs

BlueTide is developing innovative and secure ways to connect Marine Electronics to IT networks in a secure and reliable fashion. Our goal is to utilize new technologies to ensure you have all of the tools needed to keep important data flowing.


By updating the technology onboard your vessel, you can benefit from:

Improved safety

Advanced marine electronic equipment provides essential information for safe navigation, communication, and emergency response.

Increased efficiency

Reliable and accurate equipment can reduce crew workload, improve navigation and operational efficiency, as well as saving fuel and other costs.

Better data and analytics

Advanced marine electronic equipment can provide valuable data and analytics on ship operations, enabling better decision-making and improving performance.

Regulatory compliance

Up-to-date marine electronic equipment ensures compliance with safety and regulatory standards, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

The BlueTide advantage

A more comprehensive, unified solution

At BlueTide Communications, our goal is to help you optimize your ship’s technology and increase your overall efficiency. If you’re concerned about cyber threats, need to update your ship’s technology, or require multiple layers of security to protect your fleet, contact us to see how we can help.