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Network Monitoring Services

Because up-time, bandwidth usage and ping times all help our customers understand how well our network is meeting their requirements, BlueTide guarantees online access to critical real-time network information. Our network monitoring services also help customers assess exactly how much bandwidth is needed for their operations, so you never pay for services you don’t need.

Best of all? Our three-step network monitoring process ensures connectivity is maintained at optimum levels:

  • Active 24/7 network monitoring by trained professionals from our Broussard, Louisiana headquarters
  • Instantaneous alert of and troubleshooting for any on-vessel Tier 1 or Tier 2 connectivity interruption
  • Global Tier 3 support through a network of strategic partners able to provide on-vessel service in remote locations around the world

BlueTide Network Monitoring



With BlueTide’s central management and network monitoring portal, our customers have access to a full suite of real-time monitoring tools from a single login. Including both network performance tools for bandwidth utilization, cybersecurity event monitoring and real-time access to block and authorize wifi users to logistics tools including DeckVision live video streaming and vessel mapping, customers have the ultimate view into network performance and usage as well as vessel operations.


BlueTide knows safety and security is a top priority for our customers. To augment onboard efforts, BlueTide remotely monitors for security events from our 24/7 NOC.

  • Network monitoring for VSAT link up/down status
  • Cybersecurity event up/down status and incident alerts with customizable daily, weekly or monthly activity reporting
  • Monitoring of live camera feed for up/down status, lens cleaning and safety and security incidents
  • Monitoring of secure equipment rack to restrict access to authorized personnel only