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Satellite VoIP (Voice Over IP)

BlueTide VoIP

BlueTide provides a fully managed, in-house satellite VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system delivering powerful, next generation productivity features such as audio and video conferencing, integrated smartphone solutions and IP faxing. This gives our customers the ability to easily and affordably integrate communications accessories as needed.

Designed for remote maritime and offshore sites including yachts, merchant ships, offshore supply vessels, liftboats, rigs and platforms, BlueTide satellite VoIP services ensure customers are always connected.

Custom-Designed Solutions

Choose from a range of features for your unique needs including:

  • Voice mail and unified messaging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Three-way calling
  • Privacy
  • Push-to-talk/paging
  • Hunt (or ring) groups
  • Call parking/pick-up
  • Auto attendant
  • Account/authorization codes

Reliable Satellite VoIP Service

BlueTide’s proprietary voice solution combines satellite VoIP over a dedicated international MPLS backbone with full QoS (quality of service) and a powerful satellite broadband connection to create a resilient and highly available IP voice network. The peered voice solution features fully-redundant hardware for maximum dependability as well as network firewalls for a secure connection.

The BlueTide fully-managed secure network integrates with many IP device manufacturers and models, is easy to install and is remotely manageable by our certified voice team.
Contact BlueTide today for greater reliability and control of your satellite VoIP services.