BlueTide Communications is a leading managed service provider and satellite communication specialist for the energy sector. We offer a wide range of services that allow your operations to continue seamlessly, particularly offshore oil and gas platforms and other remote energy installations. With BlueTide Communications as your managed service provider, you can trust that you have a reliable and trustworthy partner who will always be there when you need us.

Reliable and Secure Communication Links

One of the key challenges facing the energy sector is the need to maintain communication links in harsh and remote environments. Offshore platforms, for example, are often located in areas with limited or no terrestrial connectivity, making it difficult to establish reliable communication links. Our services are highly customizable, ensuring that each client’s specific communication needs are met with the proper hardware, software, and connectivity strength.

This is where BlueTide comes in.

The BlueTide Advantage

Stay connected, feel at-home, wherever you are.

At BlueTide, we believe that our services offer a unique advantage to energy companies. In addition to our reliable and secure communication solutions, we also offer the BlueTide advantage. This includes the ability to stream music, movies, and live sports, browse and upload to social media, FaceTime friends and family, all without data caps or throttling. This means that your crew members can stay connected to their loved ones while also having access to entertainment options to make their time at sea more enjoyable.

  • Stream music, movies, live sports
  • Browse and upload to social media
  • FaceTime friends and family
  • No data caps, no throttling

Empowering Your Energy Operations with More Than Just Communication

Real-time Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

These solutions enable companies to closely monitor offshore platforms, where safety and security are paramount. Our solutions provide real-time information about the status of your assets, allowing you to identify and respond to issues quickly and effectively. This can help to minimize downtime and improve overall operational efficiency.

Cybersecurity Solutions

As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, it is essential to have robust cybersecurity measures in place. At BlueTide, we offer a range of cybersecurity solutions designed to help protect companies from cyber threats such as hacking and data breaches. Our solutions include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and 24/7 monitoring and response services.

The BlueTide advantage

Stay connected, feel at-home, wherever you are.

We understand that maintaining reliable communication links in these remote and challenging environments is critical, and downtime simply isn’t an option. Our commitment to reliability, speed, and support is reflected in every aspect of our services, from our innovative technology to our highly skilled team.

At BlueTide, safety is our top priority, and we maintain the highest training standards for all of our field technicians. We are proud to be 100% ISN compliant, demonstrating our dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.