Effortless Network Management, Designed Exclusively for Your Fleet

Our tools are specifically designed to help you manage and scale your fleet.

Why Choose Us?

Use our tools, or we can manage everything for you

Our unique focus on the maritime industry sets us apart.

At BlueTide, we are more than a network management solution – we’re a partner that understands the seas as well as you do. Our highly trained and experienced maritime-focused team stands ready to assist, ensuring smooth sailing for your fleet’s network operations.

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Network Management

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    Exclusive to Commercial Vessels: We’re the only solution specifically built for fleets of commercial vessels. We understand your unique challenges and have designed our tool to meet them head on.

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    Optimized for LEO and GEO Networks: Our tool efficiently utilizes the unique attributes of both Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite networks, ensuring you the best possible connectivity at sea.
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    Time and Cost Efficiency: Save precious time and reduce costs with our streamlined network management tool. Simplify complex tasks and improve your bottom line.

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    Freedom from Single Source Providers: Break free from the constraints of traditional satellite service providers. Enjoy the flexibility to choose what’s best for your fleet.

Bundle with our managed IT services, equipment maintenance plan and field engineering team for a complete outsourced solution

Our Unique Features

Dynamic Bonding

Experience superior network reliability and bandwidth optimization with our dynamic bonding feature.

Data Allowance Limit Alerts

Never worry about exceeding your data limit. Get timely alerts to ensure you stay within your data allowance.

Optimal WAN Source Utilization

We ensure optimal usage of all WAN sources, giving you the best performance under all conditions.

Crowd Sourced Network Performance

Leverage collective data from our user community to optimize your network performance.

Cloud-Managed System

Manage and monitor your networks seamlessly from anywhere, leveraging our cloud-based solution.

Vessel Voyage History with Network Performance

Track your vessel’s voyage history and associated network performance for comprehensive understanding and analysis.

Dashboard with Important Fleet Info

Get all your critical fleet information in one glance with our comprehensive dashboard.

Real Time Speed Test per Network, VLAN

Monitor and measure real-time speed of your network and VLANs for efficient management and troubleshooting.

Intuitive User Interface

Manage your network with ease. Our user-friendly interface allows you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Vessel Location Tracking

Always know where your vessels are with our real-time location tracking feature.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that suits your fleet’s size and requirements.