Managed IT Services

We know IT and we know ships. From Help Desk and Remote Device Management to Cybersecurity and vendor management, we manage your IT so you can concentrate on strategy.

Your Maritime Managed Services Partner

Maintaining IT infrastructure for a fleet of vessels is challenging! BlueTide has the tools and professionals, both in office and in the field, to help you achieve your goals. From occasional IT maintenance on a vessel, to complete fleet IT and network management, we are here to help!

We Understand

Managed IT Services

Our fully managed IT services cover everything from help desk service, installation, configuration, and maintenance of your hardware and software to network and server management. We offer proactive monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that your systems are running smoothly and securely. From service help desk and managed IT to managed network, our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide support whenever you need it. At BlueTide Communications, we are committed to delivering the best support until your problem is resolved.

Service Help Desk Managed IT Managed Network
24 X 7 X 356 Help Desk
Office 365 Support
Remote Access
Vendor Coordination
Hardware Troubleshooting
Hardware Replacement
Technician Dispatch
Remote Device Management
Software Patch Updates
Proactive Monitoring
Network Management *
QoS Management *
Application Prioritization *
Firewall *
Managed VLANs *
Managed WiFi *
Customer Dashboard *


Custom Managed Networks

  • BlueTide offers fully managed IT services along with specialized managed networks for the maritime and energy industries.
  • Our managed networks are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide reliable connectivity to remote locations.
  • We utilize the latest technology to ensure fast, secure, and high-bandwidth network performance.
  • Live video surveillance solutions are a key feature of our managed networks, allowing real-time monitoring of assets in the maritime and energy industries.
  • Our solutions provide access to live video surveillance anytime and anywhere, enhancing safety and asset management capabilities.


Bluetide’s fully managed CCTV services will improve safety and increase efficiency

  • Improved safety: Live video surveillance allows companies to monitor their assets and ensure that they are being operated safely. This can help prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Real-time monitoring: Live video surveillance provides real-time monitoring of your assets, which means that you can respond quickly to any potential issues or threats.

  • Reduced theft and vandalism: Live video surveillance can act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism. It can also help identify and prosecute those who do commit these crimes.

  • Increased efficiency: Live video surveillance can help companies to identify areas where they can improve their processes and increase efficiency.

  • Cost savings: Live video surveillance can help companies to reduce their insurance premiums and avoid costly downtime due to accidents or equipment failure.

The BlueTide advantage

Stay connected, feel at-home, wherever you are.

At BlueTide Communications, we are committed to providing the best solutions for our clients and ensuring that their operations run smoothly and securely. Trust us to provide the best fully managed IT services and live video surveillance solutions in the market.