BlueTide’s Services and Capabilities

The BlueTide 4-step process will define an action plan to get you started on a path to improved network and application performance, easier IT management, and accelerated technology adoption.

The BlueTide advantage

Stay connected, feel at-home, wherever you are.

Technology as we know it is expanding daily.

Through our expertise in leveraging innovative communications networks and integrating cutting-edge marine electronics and cybersecurity technologies, we provide unique solutions tailored to the needs of each market. With BlueTide, the future of communication is at your fingertips.


At BlueTide, we harness the power of global networks and open, off-the-shelf technology, making it easy for our customers to continuously leverage the latest and greatest technology. With our cutting-edge satellite communication services, we provide the fastest commercially available connectivity worldwide, whether you require cost-effective simple connectivity, high-speed broadband streaming, or real-time video conferencing capabilities.

This ensures that you and your crew can experience the comfort of being “at home” no matter where you are. From designing and installing to supporting your end-to-end network, our team is committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction with our next-generation technology services and solutions.

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Network Management

At BlueTide, we transcend being solely a network management solution – we emerge as a collaborator that comprehends the oceans just as deeply as you. Our extensively skilled and seasoned team, specializing in maritime affairs, is prepared to lend a hand, guaranteeing seamless navigation for your fleet’s network activities.

Exclusively tailored for commercial vessel fleets, we stand alone as the designated solution. We grasp the distinct obstacles you encounter and have meticulously crafted our tools to confront them directly.

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Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

Experience the BlueTide advantage and unlock the full potential of modern technology for your operations. Providing next generation technology services and solutions – BlueTide Communications, your partner for seamless connectivity and innovation.

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Managed IT Services

At BlueTide Communications, our managed IT services cover everything from connectivity, cybersecurity, local network and device management to 24/7 support down to the application. With a focus on providing end-to-end solutions, including network, help desk, hardware, and applications, we are committed to delivering top-notch fully managed IT services and live video surveillance solutions.

Whether you require low-tech or high-tech solutions, we’re ready to be your partner whether you need hardware, have hardware already, or are looking for software-based solutions.

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We understand that cyber risks can hinder you from getting the maximum value from your technology investment. Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including all-in-one full UTM hardware, software, and virtual appliances, provide application control, mail and web security, secure remote access, and live network monitoring and reporting.

This ensures that you remain in control of your assets, with the ability to push policies fleet-wide or customize them for specific vessels, and provide access to devices on vessels based on role classifications, either through remote access or via browser. Whether you have one or hundreds of sites, you can have peace of mind knowing your assets are protected and accessible when and where you need them.

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Marine Electronics

Our unique combination of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) delivers significant efficiencies, performance increases, and savings for our clients. From fully customizable bridge packages to FCC Licensed technicians, we provide fully integrated solutions to optimize your ship’s technology and increase your overall efficiency.

Connecting your information and operational technologies, we can help improve your ship’s efficiency and reduce costs, while providing universal technology support with just one call. Whether you need to address cybersecurity concerns, upgrade your ship’s technology, or implement multiple layers of security to protect your fleet, BlueTide has the expertise and solutions to meet your needs.

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